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02-04-16 0

Vasectomy Cake


This post-vasectomy cake was a labor of love.  Let’s just call it a big favor for yet another Navy man.  I’m a sucker for military.

The cake was a request and it went over swimmingly with the patient.

Oy Vey!  The things I do for friends…

The cake is red velvet,  so I don’t even need to mention what happened when they cut into it.

I used Fondarific fondant on the entire cake.  It worked out really well as you can see.  =)

I love funny baking, and if you’re going to be offended, you can go over there —————————————————->          =)



                            Sperm Cupcakes


Sperm Cupcakes


There were some leftovers (hahaha…) from the vasectomy cake.





Hillary for PrisonCupcakes

There is ONE thing that the Democrats and Republicans can agree on…these cupcakes are delicious.



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