Yes, these are fall balls, but let us call them Oreo Cream Cheese Balls instead.

I can just hear the complaints from all the PCers,”This is inappropriate!” “My children are reading this blog.” “My 95- year-old grandmother who can’t see or hear is reading this recipe.” “I am so offended and put off I’m going to have you blocked by the PC police, and then make you pay for my therapy.”

Come on now, y’all know it’s true.

oreo cream cheese balls

Wait until you make these AND then when people fall over and their heads explode because they are soooo delicious, they won’t care what you call them: fall balls, chocolate balls, decadent temptations…

oreo cream cheese balls

No. I didn’t not go and find leaves in my backyard and wrap these balls. They are fondant! Duh.

The Oreo, cream cheese balls are covered with Ghirardelli Chocolate so the consumer will have a chocolate overdose, frothing at the mouth and with glazed eyes.

oreo cream cheese balls

These are Oreos balls really are simple to make AND they are no bake! Yes. You, cheapskates, do not have to turn on your ovens and pay extra money to your gas bill (or electric bill). Who has an electric oven? Weirdos.

Perfect pops for kids and adults who have trouble with utensils and sharp objects.

oreo cream cheese balls





Oreo Cream Cheese Balls






  • Crushed Oreos (just the cookie part) 12 -14 cookie parts
  • Cream cheese 4 ounces
  • Ghiradelli chocolate, 1 bar
  • Fondarific Fondant
  • Red, Orange, Yellow food coloring
  • Metal leaf shapes
  • Small pastry brush


  • Crush the Oreos with a mort and pestle or use a Kitchen Aid Food Chopper
  • Add cream cheese
  • Mix in a bowl
  • If it's too dry, add more cream cheese
  • Scoop out small balls and put in refrigerator
  • Melt chocolate in Double broiler
  • Keep stirring until all melted
  • Don't let this burn
  • Put the balls in the chocolate one at a time and roll around
  • When all the balls are covered, put back in fridge.
  • Dye the fondant each separately
  • Combine some red & orange fondant to make the colors of the leave
  • Same with the orange and yellow & red & yellow
  • Don't mix too well -- you want to see the difference
  • Roll out the fondant
  • Cut the shapes out
  • Take a the small pastry brush and put a bit of water on the bristles and put on the back of the leave and then bend the leaves to fit onto the balls.
  • Put into the refrigerator
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