Halloween Fondant Toppers




I LOVE Halloween!
I made all of these Halloween fondant toppers in one week.


I went cRaZy.   #halloweenfreak


My family thought I had gone mental, but they delayed intervention until after
they ate these Halloween fondant toppers along with the cupcakes.


Suffice to say I was not institutionalized…as of yet.



In order to make these adorable toppers, I combined Fondant and Gum Paste.


If you only use fondant, the fondant does not have enough substance to
“stand” on it’s own. It would be like having like an F-18 fighter jet but no pilot.


Okay, okay. There are now drones with no pilots.  You know what I mean…


You need to mix about 1/2 gum paste with 1/2 fondant. The gum paste
is the muscle.