seasoned chicken

Making this seasoned chicken recipe is as easy as a finding a
cowboy in Texas.

This seasoned chicken took about 35 minutes to make –that’s
including doing the dishes and tarring a roof at the same time.

I start off with 2 big chicken breasts and preheat the pan on the
stove with olive oil for about 10 minutes.  Turn the stove on a
lower setting.  If it’s too high, the olive oil will spray your face
like a severed artery would a doctor in the operating room.

Put the chicken in the pan and sprinkle black pepper, Adobe
Seasoning, and a bit of minced garlic on the chicken.   Turn the
chicken and do the same to the other side.

Adobe Seasoning is quite flavorful, so don’t go crazy with this

I like to flip the chicken back and forth so it doesn’t burn.

15 minutes into the cooking I cut the big breasts in half.  They
seem to cook better and faster when in smaller pieces.

10 minutes later, after flipping your breasts, the chicken should
be done.

Put it on your plate, sprinkle some fresh organic Rosemary on
it for added flavor, and don’t share any with your dogs.  Did they
help you cook it?  I didn’t think so.