Chia Seeds

Having a good breakfast to start the day off right is très important!

In addition to having a good breakfast, I have discovered Chia seeds.
They are loaded with fiber, Omega 3, protein, calcium, manganese,
phosphorus, they stabilize effects of blood sugar, and are good for your
heart. ♥   This is good chow!

I do add a tad of organic brown sugar (better than white sugar) and a
tablespoon of Chia seeds to my oatmeal.  You can’t even taste them.
While some seeds do get stuck in your teeth, it’s better than lettuce.
 Drink tea or water and the seeds will go down the hatch.

You need to be able to slay dragons, rescue kittens from trees, and
get the kids to school, right?

p.s. I bought the Chia seeds at Earth Fare…..equivalent to Whole Foods.
Make sure you buy organic!


Chia Seeds