This cake tasted great, but it looks like a 5-year-old child made it.


What I did WRONG:  

  •  I didn’t level the tops or the sides.

  •  Since I used buttercream on this cake, I should have crumb coated it first. I didn’t.  You can see every scrape and error.    *Always make a crumb coat.

  • The piping is terrible!  Practice, Practice, Practice.  Before you rob that bank, don’t you practice at the corner drug store first?   Same thing here…..practice piping on wax paper or the hood of your ex-boyfriend’s car.

  • Don’t just think you will pipe your first couple of cakes perfectly.  It takes time to get your technique down, the pressure of the bag, is there air in the bag, using the right tip, and the getting the correct angle. 

  • Detroit was not built in one day; it took years for it to get that way.