Broken Brownie


This is supposed to be a chocolate-brownie snowman.

My poor snowman looks like Fire Marshall Bill.

I made two batches of brownies and poured them into the silicone molds.  The first batch I coated the inside of my silicone shapes with a bit of  *Crisco and flour. They  ALL popped  out with ease and had every detail outlined.

My second batch — I did not coat a single shape,  and this is how they ALL came out.   Their first and second layers of  “skin”  were ripped off.  I couldn’t even use skin graphs, because there were no healthy layers.

*Third batch I used a non-stick cake spray in the silicone and this worked out the best. Make sure you don’t over spray it though.

**I did wait (with the second batch) for them to cool off.