See's Candy

Life is NOT a box of chocolates with this See’s Candy Cake.


(Apologies, bad photo)


What I did WRONG:


  • I did not use a  sturdy board to support the top cake.  The corners are bending down.

  • Used a bad brand of cheap fondant.   =/

  • This cake, as well as the all of my cake disasters, were  not made of a sturdy doctored recipe. You can’t just buy a box, make the cake, and slap fondant on it.  I didn’t know that! The things your mother doesn’t tell you…….


IMPORTANT!  If you are going to work with fondant, you MUST have a hearty,  sturdy cake to begin with or you might as well dye all of  your hair gray and get it over with because the fondant will tear your cake apart, and you will end up in an insane asylum with a fondant phobia.