Assless Chaps

My dad was in a leather shop with a bunch of motorcycle guys.  So I offered to make an assless chaps cake for the class.

It was his last day and I baked this cake for the whole crew.

What I did WRONG:

  • I dyed the fondant black. It’s best to buy black fondant rather than dye it. It is very difficult dyeing white fondant black.

  • It takes a lot of black food coloring and using that much black changes the composition of the fondant and makes it sticky,  dry, and pretty much impossible to work with without going *INSANE.

  • One leg is shorter than the other. I did not measure my legs. Make sure you measure the cake if you are going to be making the same two or more appendages.

  • The butt is lumpy. Yes, people have lumpy butts, BUT, I should have shaved my butt (haha) before I applied the fondant.

  • The people in the leather shop loved the cake. They ate both of the legs, but they refused to eat the butt. Ha!  It’s just cake.


*I got 6 gray hairs from this cake–overnight!