4th of July Debacle














4th of July  never  looked worse.


What I did WRONG:

  • I did not measure the cakes,  especially the top cake. It’s overpowering the middle cake.

  • I did not level the cakes.  If you’re going to be a serious cake baker or just baking a cake for your boyfriend in jail, you  MUST level your cakesthe tops AND the sides. You need to use/get a leveler.

  • The fondant does not cover all the cake(s).  You can see on the top layer (red) that the fondant is too short.  I didn’t measure the fondant before I put it on the cake.  BIG MISTAKE. Get a ruler specifically for baking. If you don’t have a ruler, use mark your dog’s tail and use that.  *Always measure your fondant and your cake.

  • THE FONDANT! Make sure you use a good brand of fondant. There are some brands of fondant that look and taste like they’ve been left out in the Mohave Desert for two weeks.  I LOVE Fondarific! (You know where the Mohave Desert is, don’t you?)

  •  Make sure to make your toppers a couple of days before you are ready to put your cake together. I made these stars that same day. They weren’t sturdy. I should have made them a couple of days before, attached them to small wooden dowels, and then let them set. They started to slide down the sticks I put them on.  

Falling down stars on a 4th of July cake!!!?! That’s letting the British win.